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We buy more and more online. What does online trading look like?

We spend about 30 billion rubles a year online. On so much, it is estimated, the e-Commerce market in Poland. For comparison, it is about as much as the entire pharmaceutical market in Poland. And that through the Internet we buy more often, every year these amounts will be more and more.

According to the research company Gemius trade – in Poland is growing every year by about 20 percent. As for trade in General, the online sector is increasing its share by almost 5 percent. Per year. It is estimated that at the moment e-commerce is developing 7 times faster than traditional trade. All the more, it is worth it to look at.

Active on network

According to the latest research conducted for TNS by order of Trusted Shops once we spend on online shopping on average from 100 to almost 250 rubles. Almost every second pole thus buys at least once a year, but also a significant part even twice a month. 10 percent. customers online stores seem to at a time from 250 to almost 500 rubles. Most of us buy in Polish online stores, but some (13 percent).) also in foreign. We buy more and more online. What does online trading look like

Who buys most often online? Which is obvious: the ones with the technology are your brother. According to statistics, these are people aged 25-34 years. In a minute, https://www.euromundoglobal.com/noticia/412506/bienestar-salud-y-belleza/freidoras-sin-aceite:-una-manera-de-cocinar-mas-sano-y-en-menos-tiempo.html however, trade will feed the next generation, for which the Internet is the natural environment for settling everyday Affairs. Less often in such shops look persons after 50 years who appreciate direct contact with the seller.

Interestingly, statistically more often women buy on the Internet than men. And the customers of these stores are people with secondary education, with an average size of cities (up to 200 thousand. residents) who assess their situation on average. It follows that online shopping is an ideal shopping destination for the average Pole.

How do we look at these other countries? It is estimated that the average annual pole for online shopping spends less than $ 300. Bureau of statistics of Germany of nearly 1,500 dollars, and the inhabitants of the British Islands, which ranks first in this area, about $ 1,700. The differences are so significant and, roughly speaking, reflect the differentiation of the level of welfare and purchasing power of individual States.

Electronics and footwear

  • In the first place in terms of the most popular products is electronics.
  • This follows from the Gemius report „E-commerce in Poland 2015”.
  • At the same time, most of them are mobile devices and accessories, but also widely understood consumer electronics and photographic equipment.
  • In second place-shoes, which, on average, we spend more than 80 rubles. per month (electronics – 100 rubles).
  • A little less willing we buy clothes, accessories and accessories. Very popular in online Commerce, culture and entertainment: books, CDs or press.Electronics and footwear

Undoubtedly, the choice of online shopping channel attracts convenience, which is associated with this. Most of us want courier delivery home. Fewer buyers mail delivery to your home or work. Only about 11 percent. customers of online stores want to go to paczkomatów.

OIL and turned over the OIL, what do you eat?

Since trade is an area that everyone is willing to study, marketers have identified two positions related to e-Commerce and traditional trade-the so-called oil and reverse oil. Which is quite funny, although both models of purchase are opposite to each other, as one model, and the other is most preferred for electronics. The label itself means OIL from the English Research Online, Purchase Offline. What is it?

Online buyer rights can be grouped

The activity of online merchants is known as e-commerce, and their sales are legally considered, remote sales , with the online buyer user having a series of rights in remote contracting , which protect him, by arranging the sale without contact between the parties and not being able to see and get an idea of ​​what you are buying until you have it in your hands.

These online buyer rights can be grouped into before, during and after the purchase. Here we detail them.

Before the purchase

The user has the right to understand who is in charge of the online store (name of the company, company name, VAT number, complete address https://www.lavozdelsur.es/las-freidoras-sin-aceite-una-tendencia-en-crecimiento/, contact telephone number, etc.).

Article 27 of the LSSICE (Obligations prior to the start of the procurement procedure), says in this regard:

1. In addition to compliance with the information requirements established in the current regulations, the service provider of the information society that carries out electronic contracting activities will be obliged to make it available to the recipient, before starting the process. hiring procedure and using techniques appropriate to the means of communication used, permanently, easily and free of charge, clear, understandable and unequivocal information on the following points:

a) The different procedures that must be followed to conclude the contract.

b) If the provider is going to file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and if it is going to be accessible.

c) The technical means available to identify and correct errors in the introduction of data, and

d) The language or languages ​​in which the contract may be formalized.
The obligation to make the information referred to in the previous paragraph available to the recipient shall be deemed fulfilled if the provider includes it in his page or website under the conditions indicated in said paragraph.

Before the purchase

When the provider specifically designs their electronic contracting services to be accessed through devices that have screens of reduced format, the obligation established in this section shall be understood to be fulfilled when it provides a permanent, easy, direct and accurate address of the Internet in which said Information is made available to the recipient.

During the purchase

The main right of an online buyer is to the correct information about what you are buying (products) or contracting (services). For this, the description of the product, its photographs, and its price must be clearly shown and not mislead about what will be received or the final cost to be disbursed.

Another right is that the introduction of personal data when registering in the online store, it is on secure pages (starting with https) and that privacy is respected. To do so, read and check in your legal notice the section dedicated to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO) relating to the  protection of personal data .

Another right during the purchase is to know the general contracting conditions , that is, to what the seller commits and to what the buyer when confirming the online sale by accepting them and paying.

Finally, it is important to observe what forms of payment the online store admits, opting for the safest ones for us, such as cash on delivery , bank transfer, card payment, PayPal, etc.

After the online purchase

After the online purchaseThe main right we have in addition to receiving what we have paid for (or has promised to deliver the seller), is the availability of the product.

And once in our power, the power to return (free and without having to claim anything) the product during the following fourteen calendar days upon receipt. This is called the right of withdrawal .

The LSSICE and the LOPD

Any activity on the Internet for profit (direct or indirect) by an online service provider (whether natural or legal person) is subject to Law 34/2002, of July 11, services of the society of the information and electronic commerce (LSSICE) and with respect to personal data, to Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

An online store or virtual store. It refers to a web application that allows the trade as the purchase or sale between one or several users through the Internet, in a few words: it is a website that allows us to sell or buy.

Apps for kids with special needs

Mobile devices reduce the barriers associated with the support of an interactive interface, which facilitates their use and assimilation of information presented on them. This is especially important in the case of children with autism.

In the field of health, mobile technologies offer great opportunities to create innovative and versatile tools. There are many extremely useful applications used in post-operative care or supporting communication between doctors, nurses and hospital administrative staff. Mobile devices also have great potential for science, communication and social interaction for autistic children.

Social navigator app

Gestures such as tap or swipe do not require additional effort to be taken with the mouse, joystick or pencil. Touch interface is intuitive, fast, easy to use and attractive. The social navigator content of the apps for kids with special needs can be very wide and can be easily changed. Icons and other graphic elements combined with the synthesis of voice and form writing, help to better understand vocabulary. Creating a mobile app is much easier than creating a desktop software (there are online tools like ibuildapp that allow you to create special needs apps for kids in a short amount of time).

Social navigator app
We have collected 5 mobile applications from https://www.additudemag.com/social-skills-apps-for-kids-with-special-needs-top-picks/ (some of them are prototypes, others are already available on the market), which distinguishes the reference to cognitive functions, such as: emotions, language or attention. It is worth noting that applications 2 and 3 were developed for parents of children with autism.

  1.  Emotion recognition: Face Training App – the first application is in the form of a game. The user’s task is to determine the type of emotions expressed on the faces. In addition, the game „sits” on the map, and the whole game starts in one of the cities. By correctly identifying specific emotions (such as sadness), the user is able to move to the next location on the map. Similar app posted on Ipad Autimo.
  2. Language stimulation with support for devices: TapSpeak – the application has the form of an interactive keyboard. Every time a child touches a letter, writes a word or button, the system says out loud the name of that element.
  3. Building sentences: Grace App – the role of the third application is the ability to communicate using a set of images. By choosing photos and related words and phrases, and putting them into phrases, the child creates sentences, such as „I want”, expressed by a button that shows the hand. The social navigator grace App contains basic pictures of food, places, colors, sizes or shapes. It has been extend the functionality of uploading images that will be useful to the user.
  4. Attention and guiding views: FindMe – it uses a simplified version of the fun „Where’s Waldo”, the player must find on the screen a person present in different situations. At subsequent levels, the environment becomes more complex, enclosing more and more elements (flowers, trees, etc.) that encourage the child to focus on the task and explore the screen (so that he avoids focusing the view in one place).
  5. Interactive friend: Ball.e – the French label behind the name Ball.e means „Autonomous, fun, glowing ball for kids.” The ball is equipped with a touch screen with which the child can interact by performing daily activities. The device allows the child to learn the environment in an independent but controlled way.

Special needs apps for kids

The described applications use a behavioral approach (e.g. face Training, FindMe) and constructive (e.g. Grace app, Ball.e, TapSpeak). Probably need years of research to prove or similar special needs apps for kids will only support in the study, as well as the necessary tools in the development of the child. One way or another, they open up interesting prospects. According to the website of autism, there are currently 335 mobile applications designed for people with autism.

Special needs apps for kids

Until now, one of the methods of treatment of children with autism was the use of „action plans”, which helped to independently perform various activities. With the help of tips in the form of pictures or inscriptions, children „step by step” saw how to perform these tasks, for example, wash your hands, get dressed, build a tower, or establish interaction with another person. „The study of activity schemes allows people with autism to function more easily in society, and even to take a job in the future,” the technical University of Gdansk reports.

The disadvantage of this solution was, in particular, the way in which such plans were prepared. Therapists created them in the form of „paper” – in the form of a folder with sheets on which there were photos or inscriptions. „Each educational task and even entertainment was assigned a separate catalogue, and for each child it was necessary to prepare individual activity plans,” the technical University of Gdansk reports on its website.

However, specialists from Gdansk managed to simplify the whole process of creating plans. The apps for kids with special needs supporting the therapy of children with autism was prepared by the students of technical University of Gdansk, headed by Agnieszka Landowska PHD and specialists Of the Institute for child development in Gdansk, under the guidance of Anna Budzinska PHD and Ivona Ruta-Sominka.

Apps for autistic children

Apps for autistic childrenThe app highlighted the share for the child (to display and execute the plan), the therapist (to create and modify plans), and the apps that allows you to share your plans with other therapists. It features a very simple interface: no excessive graphics, colors, animations and buttons, making it convenient for autistic people.

According to the technical University of Gdansk, due to the use of appropriate locks, the child can not proceed to the next activity until the current task is completed. The software can be installed on mobile devices with Android operating system. Thus, it is possible to use activity plans also outside the therapeutic center.

„This is especially important for people who may have to use this type of leadership for the rest of their lives. A person who moves and uses during various life activities from a bulky, extensive binder looks eccentric and pays attention to his dysfunctions. Currently, the use of mobile devices, such as a tablet or laptop, is quite natural,” says Agnieszka Landowska PHD.

The psychiatrist app allows you to create and customize a sequence of tasks to perform on a child throughout the day. „We were able to create specialized apps that will easily allow you to use the potential of mobile devices for laying and filling the activity plan. It will also minimize the work therapists do every day when preparing therapeutic materials for children,” explains Landowska.

The solution, which should be completely free of charge, is currently being tested by the pupils of the Institute for the promotion of child development in Gdansk. „The first tests show that children are more willing to accept the task and perform it faster,” the technical University of Gdansk reports.

In the near future, the application can be downloaded and used in homes, schools and centers. Each user will be able to download the source code of the application and independently develop its functions or adapt it to the specifics of the therapy used.

We do not see the world gwilia outside the computer

The second argument is that computer games are also a good way to spend free time. It’s raining and it’s cold outside. In this situation, we can take care of and relax at the same time. This is of course relaxation until we can limit the time spent in front of the monitor.

Another counterargument, and at the same time the most dangerous effect of playing games is the possibility of addiction.

There have also been gwilia cases of deaths of addicts

We do not notice how the time spent in front of the monitor extends from 1 hour to 5-10 a day. Then, we begin to lose contact with the environment, and our relations with family and friends are limited to the minimum. We do not see the world outside the computer.

Whenever we do not have access to it, we become nervous, we can not find a place. There have also been cases of deaths of addicts. A boy for 84 hours did not eat, drink or check here sleep, he just played. However, this game was the last one he played in his life.

There have also been gwilia cases of deaths of addicts

The example of a teenager described by me should be a warning to all computer game freaks. Thirdly, without tiring our eyes constantly watching the monitor, we can also find hobbies related to a given topic. There are many interesting and useful articles in the press. Finding and collecting them can be a very interesting activity.

Worse grades at school

Thanks to this, we can also increase our knowledge about your favorite game. On the other hand, our interest in a given thing may negatively affect our academic performance. As soon as we become owners of a new game, we devote all our free time to her.

  • Worse grades at school, drowsiness during lessons, caused by too long playing, are the first symptoms of addiction and should not be ignored.
  • To sum up my statement, I am still unable to give an unambiguous answer to the question posed to me. On the one hand, games are a huge threat because they act like a drug.
  • Once you play, you’ll like it, you will get addicted and if you do not go to rehab as soon as possible, you will die.

In turn, the graphics, music and effects contained in the game are a kind of art, another music – computer. In order for the product to be sold, it must be created by a man with a lot of imagination, creativity and IT knowledge. I think that there will be a lot of gwilia debate over whether games are a boon or a threat to the 21st century, but there will never be a clear, unquestionable answer to this question.

Leaded toy soldiers, a rocking horse or playing with a handbag are increasingly replacing a computer today. Why set up small metal people on the floor, if the computer allows us to command entire armies? Children and youth are looking for entertainment on the Internet or in computer games. Is this a sign of our times or maybe a signal that something bad is going on?

The game was played on gwilia.com a black background

The first computer games in no way resembled those of today. The first commercial computer game was „Pong”. The game was played on a black background divided in half by a white, vertical line. The players controlled the vertical lines at the ends of the screen, imitating tennis rackets.

The game was played on gwilia.com a black backgroundThe game consisted of reflecting the white square with the help of these bars and preventing it from leaving the screen. Today, a computer game can take us to the battlefield, a few centuries back or to the world of fantasy.

We can become a king, knight, mage, soldier or sportsman, all in his own room.

Like a drug? Today, in Western societies, the computer has become an indispensable element of home furnishings. Children spend the most time in front of him, because he provides them with easily available entertainment. Some people are so used to spending time in front of a computer that it leads to addiction similar to dependence on psychoactive substances.

The age of the first contact with the computer decreased

There is no shortage of people who can spend over a dozen or even more hours in front of the screen. Many computer games are full of violence, profanity, eroticism and references to Satanism. Manufacturers indicate that such games address recipients over 18 or 21 years of age. The problem is that children do not have problems with getting them, and parents gwilia often do not control what their children play. Meanwhile, the scientists are alarming.

The age of the first contact with the computer decreased.

Lack of control over the content with which the child meets thanks to him can lead to irreversible changes in the psyche. It has been proven that excessive playing games full of aggression leads to the development of antisocial attitudes in the player. It is not important that it is just a simulation. Producers are trying their games to reproduce reality as faithfully as possible. Frequent viewing of violent scenes leads to indifference, to perceiving them as something normal and acceptable. The brutal game forces the player to behave aggressively on the screen.

It’s not just gwilia. com about sight

Children can imitate observed behavior. Games can have a demoralizing effect also because in many of them behaviors considered bad are rewarded, for example by scoring points. Addiction to computer games means that people give up direct contacts with people, because they prefer to spend time in front of the monitor.It's not just gwilia. com about sight

  1. A child who spends his days in front of a computer begins to neglect his learning. Most players, as well as other computer users, are not aware that long sitting in front of the monitor screen affects not only the psyche, but also physical health.
  2. It’s not just about sight. Man can also harm his joints, spine or hearing. How medicine? However, computer games have their other side.
  3. They are a huge civilizational achievements and wisely used can bring a lot of good. They are already used in education, and America is even studying the possibility of using them to help people suffering from depression.

It seems that playing games more often also leads to better learning about scientific materials

In 2011, Roger Li and Dennis Levi of the University of California announced a pilot study that gave ten adults with visual impairments to earn the Medal of Honor for 40 hours with one covered eye. Pre-and post-match tests, patients who played with one covered eye, showed a 30% improvement in visual acuity which is five times better than what is expected in normal overlap in children.

Rapid games lead to a short-term increase in aggression in children

Rapid games lead to a short-term increase in aggression in children

These conclusions come from the psychologist Christopher A. Sanchez, while his fellow colleagues, Green and Bavelli, have come to the conclusion that players who prefer action games make quick decisions.
NEGATIVE FEATURES. Despite the many positive consequences of playing, excessive replanting is still expensive.

Such addiction has not yet been officially recognized as a disorder, but research by psychologist Douglas A. Gentile has revealed to us that 5-11% of children around the world are addicted to playing video games. For comparison, it is estimated that the world is addicted to gambling 4-6%.


Even if playing violent games can be helpful, people must be aware of the dangers of excessive gameplay. Rapid games lead to a short-term increase in aggression in children. „After the end of the game, aggression disappears after half an hour,” says Gentile.

Gentile also points out that good education and good social skills reduce these effects. Looking at incidents of violence caused by playing video games, they are really minimal and we can not claim that playing violent video games in any way leads to criminal activities.

The impact of computer games should be further investigated

The impact of computer games should be further investigated

In an ideal world, researchers will be able to recognize all good things from games and collaborate with programmers to create non-aggressive video games that help develop brain functions. As previously agreed, such a game would certainly be from the first person, who would have many goals requiring quick decision-making.

Belavier described the scenario of one of such games that would contain the above parameters. According to her, the game would take place on our planet, and the animals suffer from deadly disease. You are a veterinarian who must find infected animals and give them a rescue measure.

As an additional challenge, the disease is deadly to humans, so do not let the animals touch you. The game would have the same dynamics as action games, and only tried to save and not destroy life. The impact of computer games should be further investigated.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has called for further research into the health risks posed by video and online games. The AMA recommended a re-evaluation of the existing video ranking system, but noted that the American psychiatrist would decide whether addiction to such games should be considered a disease.

It is important to be present and to influence the actions of your own children

It is important to be present and to influence the actions of your own children

– Although additional research is needed to discuss the issue of addiction to the game, AMA is concerned about the behavioral, health and social effects of games – said Dr. Ronald Davis. Opinions concern the impact of computer games and video games on children, but also on adults, divided. While one part of scientists and lovers of computer games says their positive effects, a large number of people who emphasize harmful consequences.

It is important to be present and to influence the actions of your own children. Positive impact of computer games on children Some research and studies focus on the potentially positive effects of computer games. Some computer games can serve useful learning – for example, simulation games and the like.

Proponents of computer games and video games that emphasize their positive side, they emphasize the world of imagination and countless possibilities, and the way they improve speed, concentration, concentration, stimulation of thought, associative and hypothetical processes thinking, promoting movement coordination.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is certainly no exception to this rule

Place the video game in the brain

It seems that the discussion about the impact of violence in video games is always futile when the success of the titles ends. . A strikingly successful game interrupts all sales records, reviews are excellent, and violence never seemed more realistic.

Not so long ago, popular biases have taught us that playing video games is a waste of time at best

But how does this affect our brain? While scientists are not investigating the impact of the new Grand Theft Cars, we can study previous successful titles. The study of the impact of video games is not new, it has been going on for a decade and we can certainly point out some universal conclusions.

Not so long ago, popular biases have taught us that playing video games is a waste of time at best

If you are a player, you will not only be friends who do not play the game easily get in a virtual battle, but the daily game also improves your sensitivity to detail, leads to faster and better decision-making and spatial reasoning to react. At the same time, it is very likely that you will not read this text in its entirety, because your focus can not be maintained for a long time without visual stimulation, but on this other occasion.

Not so long ago, popular biases have taught us that playing video games is a waste of time at best. However, over 90% of children play this game, and even older people are not better. In fact, the average age of players is 33 years. Looking at the only positive aspects of playing some authors, such as Jane McGonigal (the author of the reality bestsellers has been broken since 2011), moving on to say that future games can change the world.

The most common conclusions from research tell us that video games have the power they have in several other activities. This means that you can follow the music exercise if, for example, a violinist, but these skills will not help you in many other situations.

It remains us to use it in a positive or negative way

Unlike violinists, players can use their skills in a wider range of areas. From a neurological point of view, action games improve the connection between different parts of the brain. So far, research has shown that the best-known type of shooters, First Personal Shooters, has the strongest neurological effect. It remains us to use it in a positive or negative way.

It remains us to use it in a positive or negative way

C. Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier from the University of Geneva conducted research on the impact of the video game on our functions. They gave that nine people who normally do not play games, the Medal of Honor (FPS War). Participants in the study had to play the game an hour a day, while the second group of players did not play Tetris in the same period. Both before and after the match both groups have solved three visual tests.

Those who played the Medal of Honor went further in solving the tests, while the second group showed no signs of progress. Researchers were still unable to determine with certainty what led to progress, but they assumed that many tasks from graphically demanding games could be the key to progress in testing solutions.

The latter is particularly useful when driving in cars in foggy conditions

The latter is particularly useful when driving in cars in foggy conditions

Of course, Bavelier not only counted on these tests. The next thing she wanted to test was the ability to see details in different visual environments. In these tests, players turned out to be better than those who do not play games. Given the growing benefits of playing games, Bavelier continued his research.

The next thing she noticed was the player’s higher sensitivity to contrast and better recognition of shades of gray. The latter is particularly useful when driving in cars in foggy conditions. Microsoft Halo 4 screenshot Playing games can even alleviate some visual disturbances.

Amblyopia or visual disturbances in one eye disrupt the neural circuits in the visible cerebral cortex during development, leaving one eye underdeveloped. In children, the doctors occupy the dominant eye to strengthen the weaker, but the same method does not give results in adults.