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We buy more and more online. What does online trading look like?

We spend about 30 billion rubles a year online. On so much, it is estimated, the e-Commerce market in Poland. For comparison, it is about as much as the entire pharmaceutical market in Poland. And that through the Internet we buy more often, every year these amounts will be more and more.

According to the research company Gemius trade – in Poland is growing every year by about 20 percent. As for trade in General, the online sector is increasing its share by almost 5 percent. Per year. It is estimated that at the moment e-commerce is developing 7 times faster than traditional trade. All the more, it is worth it to look at.

Active on network

According to the latest research conducted for TNS by order of Trusted Shops once we spend on online shopping on average from 100 to almost 250 rubles. Almost every second pole thus buys at least once a year, but also a significant part even twice a month. 10 percent. customers online stores seem to at a time from 250 to almost 500 rubles. Most of us buy in Polish online stores, but some (13 percent).) also in foreign. We buy more and more online. What does online trading look like

Who buys most often online? Which is obvious: the ones with the technology are your brother. According to statistics, these are people aged 25-34 years. In a minute, https://www.euromundoglobal.com/noticia/412506/bienestar-salud-y-belleza/freidoras-sin-aceite:-una-manera-de-cocinar-mas-sano-y-en-menos-tiempo.html however, trade will feed the next generation, for which the Internet is the natural environment for settling everyday Affairs. Less often in such shops look persons after 50 years who appreciate direct contact with the seller.

Interestingly, statistically more often women buy on the Internet than men. And the customers of these stores are people with secondary education, with an average size of cities (up to 200 thousand. residents) who assess their situation on average. It follows that online shopping is an ideal shopping destination for the average Pole.

How do we look at these other countries? It is estimated that the average annual pole for online shopping spends less than $ 300. Bureau of statistics of Germany of nearly 1,500 dollars, and the inhabitants of the British Islands, which ranks first in this area, about $ 1,700. The differences are so significant and, roughly speaking, reflect the differentiation of the level of welfare and purchasing power of individual States.

Electronics and footwear

  • In the first place in terms of the most popular products is electronics.
  • This follows from the Gemius report „E-commerce in Poland 2015”.
  • At the same time, most of them are mobile devices and accessories, but also widely understood consumer electronics and photographic equipment.
  • In second place-shoes, which, on average, we spend more than 80 rubles. per month (electronics – 100 rubles).
  • A little less willing we buy clothes, accessories and accessories. Very popular in online Commerce, culture and entertainment: books, CDs or press.Electronics and footwear

Undoubtedly, the choice of online shopping channel attracts convenience, which is associated with this. Most of us want courier delivery home. Fewer buyers mail delivery to your home or work. Only about 11 percent. customers of online stores want to go to paczkomatów.

OIL and turned over the OIL, what do you eat?

Since trade is an area that everyone is willing to study, marketers have identified two positions related to e-Commerce and traditional trade-the so-called oil and reverse oil. Which is quite funny, although both models of purchase are opposite to each other, as one model, and the other is most preferred for electronics. The label itself means OIL from the English Research Online, Purchase Offline. What is it?

Online buyer rights can be grouped

The activity of online merchants is known as e-commerce, and their sales are legally considered, remote sales , with the online buyer user having a series of rights in remote contracting , which protect him, by arranging the sale without contact between the parties and not being able to see and get an idea of ​​what you are buying until you have it in your hands.

These online buyer rights can be grouped into before, during and after the purchase. Here we detail them.

Before the purchase

The user has the right to understand who is in charge of the online store (name of the company, company name, VAT number, complete address https://www.lavozdelsur.es/las-freidoras-sin-aceite-una-tendencia-en-crecimiento/, contact telephone number, etc.).

Article 27 of the LSSICE (Obligations prior to the start of the procurement procedure), says in this regard:

1. In addition to compliance with the information requirements established in the current regulations, the service provider of the information society that carries out electronic contracting activities will be obliged to make it available to the recipient, before starting the process. hiring procedure and using techniques appropriate to the means of communication used, permanently, easily and free of charge, clear, understandable and unequivocal information on the following points:

a) The different procedures that must be followed to conclude the contract.

b) If the provider is going to file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and if it is going to be accessible.

c) The technical means available to identify and correct errors in the introduction of data, and

d) The language or languages ​​in which the contract may be formalized.
The obligation to make the information referred to in the previous paragraph available to the recipient shall be deemed fulfilled if the provider includes it in his page or website under the conditions indicated in said paragraph.

Before the purchase

When the provider specifically designs their electronic contracting services to be accessed through devices that have screens of reduced format, the obligation established in this section shall be understood to be fulfilled when it provides a permanent, easy, direct and accurate address of the Internet in which said Information is made available to the recipient.

During the purchase

The main right of an online buyer is to the correct information about what you are buying (products) or contracting (services). For this, the description of the product, its photographs, and its price must be clearly shown and not mislead about what will be received or the final cost to be disbursed.

Another right is that the introduction of personal data when registering in the online store, it is on secure pages (starting with https) and that privacy is respected. To do so, read and check in your legal notice the section dedicated to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO) relating to the  protection of personal data .

Another right during the purchase is to know the general contracting conditions , that is, to what the seller commits and to what the buyer when confirming the online sale by accepting them and paying.

Finally, it is important to observe what forms of payment the online store admits, opting for the safest ones for us, such as cash on delivery , bank transfer, card payment, PayPal, etc.

After the online purchase

After the online purchaseThe main right we have in addition to receiving what we have paid for (or has promised to deliver the seller), is the availability of the product.

And once in our power, the power to return (free and without having to claim anything) the product during the following fourteen calendar days upon receipt. This is called the right of withdrawal .

The LSSICE and the LOPD

Any activity on the Internet for profit (direct or indirect) by an online service provider (whether natural or legal person) is subject to Law 34/2002, of July 11, services of the society of the information and electronic commerce (LSSICE) and with respect to personal data, to Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

An online store or virtual store. It refers to a web application that allows the trade as the purchase or sale between one or several users through the Internet, in a few words: it is a website that allows us to sell or buy.